I am a final-year PhD student in Computer Science in the Database Group of the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, where I am very fortunate to be advised by Magdalena Balazinska.

My research focuses on the intersection of data systems and machine learning. As machine learning continues to place immense computational demands, substantial investments have been made in both hardware and software infrastructure. Nevertheless, data management is increasingly becoming a bottleneck for numerous machine learning tasks. At the same time, database management systems (DBMS) builders are struggling to effectively leverage the exciting capabilities offered by machine learning infrastructure. My research aims to bring the two worlds together by designing novel data systems for ML workloads (e.g., NeuralArtifactDB) and incorporating ML infrastructure into DBMS architectures (e.g., Tensor Query Processing and its demo which received the Best Demo Award at VLDB’22).

During my PhD, I interned at Microsoft Gray Systems Lab and Snowflake, and have been collaborating / collaborated closely with Matteo Interlandi, Jiaqi Yan, Ranjay Krishna, and Alex Ratner. Before UW, I obtained my B.S. (Honors) in Computer Science at Fudan University. I visited Peking University in 2017. In my younger years, I was a contestant in ACM-ICPC and Olympiad in Informatics.

My reasonably up-to-date CV is available here.